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Our Security & Personal Protection Services is an elite security agency that specializes in providing personal services tailored to meet any and all security needs for our clients. We take pride in both our professionalism and decades of experience that allows us to excel in the services we provide.

MGMT4 was established in 2003 by retired Federal Air Marshall Michael Johnson, who has over 30 years of service working in law enforcement. During his expansive career he has worked with governmental agencies such as the United States Department Of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and the Department of Defense.

In 2009 Mr. Johnson and Dr. Art Malone, Jr. created a joint venture that has now developed into one of the nation’s top security companies, covering events spanning from California to Florida along with offering a variety of other services. With a combined 50 years of martial arts experience, MGMT4 is also an elite destination for top-tier self defense training.

​A complete list of our services offered is listed below:

Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services cover the protection of individuals such as:

  • Business Executives

  • Affluent Individuals

  • Celebrities

  • Military/Servicemen

  • Foreign Dignitaries

  • Domestic Abuse Victims

  • Victims of Stalking​

Private Investigation Services allow us to help serve you in many areas, including:

  • Domestic Investigations

  • Background Checks

  • Corporate

  • Small Business

Uniformed Industrial services can help you with a wide variety of 24 hour services for:

  • Residential Security

  • Business/ Industrial Security

  • Private Parties

  • Large Festivals

  • Special Events

Mr. Johnson also specialized in Personal Training Services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Self Defense Training for both individuals and group

  • Firearms Training

  • Personal Fitness Training and Regimens

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