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The AMJ Global Brand started in 2012, and strives for greatness in all of its endeavors. We were started by one man who had a vision to empower people’s lives through his own work ethic and morals. He gives those whom he comes in contact with a new way of thinking and has continued that ideal through his company. Our beginning started as an investment company. Over the years we have blossomed and grown into other business ventures such as music, security, clothing, casino gaming, and medicine only to name a few. We believe in being well balanced in our endeavors and branch into things we are passionate about and believe will serve a greater purpose in our world. In the pursuit to serve a greater purpose Dr. Malone has received, what he feels is one of the shining moments in his life, the key to the city of Brooklyn New York. Where he also received a proclamation from the 45th district of New York City's council. AMJ Global actively partners with Charitable Organizations such as: Elite Learners Inc., NAACP, Salvation Army, City Impact of Oxnard, St. John's Hospital of Oxnard, and Los Angeles's Children's Hospital to name a few.  We aim to serve our local communities and our communities abroad, who are looking for a meaningful way of doing business while at the same time change the world.  

We pride ourselves on giving back to our communities. The AMJ Global Brand has donated over 15,000 KN95 masks since May of 2020. Through our L.A.M.P. (Loving All Mankind Purely) Initiative, we have served communities over multiple states. Our goal has been to meet the needs and safety of First Responders and communities alike.  

Our founder has this to say about his way of thinking, as it comes to business:  

“My Objective is to intrinsically effect someone’s ability to honestly assess themselves and the truth of what they see, which will empower them to have a vision past their own understanding. Equipping them to elevate consciousness and be apart of changing the world we see and the world we can be.” 


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