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Chief Operating Officer

Nicole Malone is Chief Operating Officer of AMJ Global Entertainment, LLC. In her position, she is responsible for developing pipeline relationships for AMJ Global, working with the team to help ensure that all projects are in alignment with the companies values and mission, as well as creating business strategy recommendations to the CEO. She utilizes her visionary perspectives and business management skills to help the expansion of the AMJ Global brand. Nicole Malone has been a part of the AMJ Global team since its founding and has worked her way up the corporate ladder. At one point serving as the SR. Vice President of Business Development.


Nicole Malone has always had a fondness for business and followed the pursuit of business education in and out of school. Outside of the classroom Nicole is self-taught in Web Design and is in the process of learning new computer coding, graphic design, animation, and video editing.  Inside the classroom Nicole Malone studied Business with an emphasis of Entrepreneurship and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at California Lutheran University.


Nicole Malone has a heart to serve families of children with special needs. From this desire to serve, she has begun development of her own business venture - an online platform that will bridge the gap between parents and providers of children with special needs and of all types of disabilities.

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