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"I’ve always struggled with mental health and chose not to get professional help because I thought I would be judged. Getting professional help from a therapist was one of the best things I ever did for myself! It helped me to realize everyone goes through problems of their own! Luckily we have God, and people who care about our wellbeing to help us when we are feeling weak, sad, or depressed dealing with family issues, health life itself and stress.My brother suffers from mental health and currently in rehab and if I can get help for myself To mentally be stronger I know that I can be more understanding a greater sister that he needs. Mental health is real. People suffer from depression relying on themselves to deal and heal on their own. Which usually can make things worse. Being a Christian and having a Christian based therapist helped me graciously because I knew I could hear Gods voice as he uses other people for his glory! God sends us doctors , nurses, because he cares for us. The first step of being healed is willing to accept that you need the help and you don’t have to make decisions on your own. There are professional people who care to help and guide you through your life journey! You are not alone”! 


Denice Tacuba

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Fred Hammond

"As a Christian I've seen firsthand we as believers have done a poor job identifying and differentiating spiritual and religious antics from mental health issues. For example, a lot of times calling depression a devil would have you looking for help in the wrong places. Like praying it away as opposed to dealing with real the life emotional injury trying to get healed. That would be like if you were driving your car and your car is emitting small amounts of toxic exhaust fumes inside of your drivers area causing you to cough, eyes water and feel a little dizzy, instead of taking it to an auto shop for a mechanic to fix it, we'd drive straight up to a drugstore to buy some cough syrup. But, I think we're about to turn the corner and get real and get healed. "

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"We owe it to ourselves to remember that our mental health and well-being is just as important as our physical health. The more we talk about it, the better. As we continue to discuss and learn more about mental health, those having issues become more open to seeking help.”

Eric Metcalf

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Martavis Bryant

“I believe mental health is a lot of different things being placed under one category for example I went through some of my roughest times when I lost my job I was running through many feelings and emotions until it came to a point I was deeply depressed so many things can play into mental health something can happen to your body physically and that can bother you mentally and vice versa.”

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