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Head of Security

Michael Johnson is a retired federal law enforcement agent with over 34 years of multiple experiences. His multiple experiences in the United States Federal Government expands to the public sector providing physical security, consultations, training, and advisement.

Michael retired from the United States Federal Air Marshals Services. For over 14 years he was a Lieutenant with the Federal Bureau of Prisons at various institutions in the US He served in the United States Air Force and is a Desert Storm Disabled Veteran. Michael has managed MGMT4 Personal Services Security company since

Private Security Experience
Mr. Johnson founded MGMT4 Personal Services in 2003. He has provided physical security and investigative work for numerous private and famous clients. Some of these clients were subcontracted and include but are not limited too, Barbra Streisand, Opera Winfrey, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Usher,
Kardashian Family, and more. Festivals: South Florida Garlic Festival, South Beach Art Show, South Beach Food and Wine, Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Super Bowl Live Miami Florida, Delray Beach Affairs, Wellington Beach Bacon and Bourbon Festival, Delray Beach St. Patricks Festival, and more.

United States Federal Air Marshal Services
During Michaels tenure with the air marshal services he was selected on the first national air marshals Federal Enhanced Mission Tactical Team (FEMT). This team was the special weapons and tactical team for the air marshals (SWAT).

Michael was also the lead self defense and tactical instructor for his assigned field office.

United States Federal Bureau of Prisons
During Michael’s tenure with the federal bureau of prisons, he was assigned to
several institutions throughout the United States. He was a Lieutenant for most of his career with other positions as Correctional Counselor, and Alternate Safety Manager. He was also on two Special Operations Response Teams (SORT) better known as (SWAT), Disturbance Control Teams, and the Lead Self Defense Leader.

United States Air Force
Michael served in the United States Air Force Security Police Force. He was a
member of the Emergency Service Team (EST) better known as (SWAT). During his tenure he was deployed to Joint Task Force Bravo Honduras. While serving in the Air Force Reserves he was activated to serve during the Desert Storm Desert Shield
war. Michael is a Honorable discharged Desert Storm Disabled Veteran.

Martial Arts
Master Johnson is a 5th Degree Black Belt with over 30 years of martial arts
experience. He trains and has been trained in Taekwando, Kung Fu, various
teachings of hand to hand combat.

Master Johnson has numerous martial arts awards. Some include:

5th Degree Black Belt World Traditional Taekwondo Schools
3rd Degree Black Belt International Taekwondo Council
2nd Degree Black Belt American Taekwondo Association ATA

Top Ten certificate-3rd in the World

Gold Medalist World Police & Fire Games

Black Belt of the Year

Competitor of the Year
Region 103

ATA Trainee of the Year

Silver Medalist California Police Games

Gold Medalist Light Heavy Weight Full Contact Chinese Kick Boxing

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